Successful working group of Mobile Repair class

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Successful working group of Mobile Repair class

Ab. Hamid and his classmates Shakib & M. Fahim graduated from Ansari VTC “Mobile Repair” class in June 2017. Ab. Hamid and his two classmates made a working group with assistance of OSAA ESC and opened a shop named “Nicknam Mobile” in Darb-e-Khosh area of Herat city. Ab. Hamid, a 21-year-old boy, is the head of this group and he mentions increasing in investment, more advertisement and moving the shop in an area with more customers are the main goals of the group.

Ab. Hamid joined Engineering Faculty after high school graduation but due to financial problems and not having financial support he couldn’t fulfill his long-awaited ambition – higher education – and had to leave university. After some time, his friends suggested to him Ansari VTC for learning new vocation. Ab. Hamid could complete the registration process and joined “Mobile Repair” class in this center. After successful completion of this course, he and his two classmates started to work in this vocation and together they invested an amount of 110,000AFN to start up their business.

They are proceeding their business with proper task division. Ab. Hamid is responsible for sales, Shakib is in software section and M. Fahim is in hardware and repair units.

He added that the market and demand for the sale of products and repairing mobile parts in this area of the city are not satisfactory and to improve our business we have plans to move our shop to another location and add more investment.

Ab. Hamid and his team mentioned that the training in “Mobile Repair” in Help Ansari VTC including other services from OSAA ESC like creating jobs, technical supports in small business and receiving support-kits have transformed their lives and have been effective in earning money for them. He added that his team still needs advanced training in Mobile Repair to provide better services to the citizens.


Abdul Hamid and his team are pleased to thank OSAA, Help, WFP and other organizations for providing facilities in TVET program such as small businesses start up and additional supports during and after training.


Source: “Help Media and Culture Unit”

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