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Graduation of first class of “Tourism and Hotel Management” by Help in Herat Province

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Start date: 01.Jul.2017

End date: 31.Dec.2017

Duration: 6 month

Graduates: 17 (6 female & 11 male)


Tourism phenomenon in today’s world is one of the most prominent and efficient economic functions that brings many economic, social, political and cultural achievements to countries investing in this sector. In modern societies, significant number of individuals have been placed in jobs since tourism became widespread and its importance is increasing day by day. Hence, it is one of the largest source of revenue for the countries.

Fortunately, Afghanistan also has the capacity to attract tourists given its historical monuments, natural landscapes, numerous religious places and symbols. With more attention and investment it can bring thousands of tourists to Afghanistan annually.

The purpose of offering “Tourism and Hotel Management training” by Help INGO in Herat

Herat as an ancient and historical city with the potential to attract tourists as well as a significant number of people interested in this industry, needs specialized training in this field. Help Ansari VTC is honored to host specialized “Tourism and Hotel Management training” in order to strengthen the tourism industry in this province.

his center started its first “Tourism and Hotel Management Class” on July. 01, 2017 with Tourism & Hotel Management as main subject along with topics such as ethics for tour guides, English, computer, accounting, marketing and CV writing. Also various practical activities in hotel management, house-keeping, reception, services and behavior to customers were offered. In tourism section, topics like type of travels and tour-guide were offered.


Mentioned subjects were divided into two semesters of 3-month and 2-month while last month was dedicated to internship.  Through internship trainees got exposure to practical work and familiarized themselves with relevant job market. In this round, a number of trainees were offered jobs by hotel managers. Some accepted the offers and are now working in Arg hotel.

It shall be mentioned that tourism and hotel industry is one of the best sector for investment and economic growth in today's society and can create employment and income.

Interview of two trainees graduated tourism and hotel management class. For downloading please click the following links:



Source: "Help Media and Culture Unit"

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