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Women & Civil Society

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The Current Status of Women's Job Opportunities, Freedom of Speech and Civil Society Organizations in Herat/Afghanistan

We have researched on two subjects: “freedom of speech” and “job opportunities for women” in Herat Province.

Women are strongly represented in government institutions, civil organizations, media, political parties and even in private business. They have more power than ever before in the last decades. Women have the same employment rights as men. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has reserved 50 percent of new jobs for women in governmental offices.

We can claim that freedom of speech has been improved in Herat these last years. The establishment of radio and TV-channels, and the existence of political parties and civil organizations are good indications of freedom of speech and an active civil society in Herat. Through visual and printed mass-media, Afghans became more and more aware of their rights and privileges. For more information about the status of women's job opportunities, freedom of speech and civil society organizations in Herat in 2012, you can download the files:

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