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The Current Status of Health Sector in Herat/Afghanistan


One of the most affected sectors during the civil war in Afghanistan has been health. Fortunately, there have been some improvements and today we are witnessing progress despite all difficulties.

The Ministry of Public Health claims that Herat enjoys the best health-care system in national comparison. Basic health-services are free in Herat and generally in Afghanistan, and private sector's development had positive effects on a wider access. Sufficient and decent employment opportunities exist for returnees with certified medical education. Adequate higher education and attractive investment opportunities are available.

HELP’s qualitative research has analyzed the health-services in Herat under 4 aspects:

1. Access to health services

2. Quality of health services

3. Returnee’s health problems

4. Returnee’s opportunities

This information is available in a brochure attached here.

In addition to this brochure we shall regularly publish updated information on health. Any questions, suggestions and ideas are welcome.

For more information about the current status of health sector of Herat in 2009 & 2012-13 please download the following files:

To download Dari PDF brochure researched in 2009 Please Click Here

To download Dari PDF brochure researched in 2012 Please Click Here

To Download PPT Presentation Please Click Here

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