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The Current Status of Education and Higher Education in Herat/ Afghanistan

The situation of the education in Herat has recently improved in comparison with  three years ago (2009) and this province now holds a top position in the country. Governmental and private universities and colleges have been efficiently increasing the educational level, especially among the younger generation. Newly founded vocational training schools offer good opportunities in technical and artistic fields.

Quantity and quality of in-service courses, seminars and workshops have improved. Other positive factors are the strong attendance of girls in schools of all levels, and the establishment of several private schools, night schools and scientific / cultural centers. Every year some interesting scholarships are granted for bachelor- and master- studies abroad.

Returnee students enjoy some privileges. They may enroll immediately after passing a test, and are granted a handicap in some subjects, where they have a curriculum-gap, such as in Pashto, Afghan geography and history.

Despite these chances and facilities the education-sector still faces many problems, such as the lack of skilled teachers, classrooms and proper teaching materials.

For more information about the education and higher education sectors in Herat province please download the attached files:

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