Information about “Family Planning” to Ansari beneficiaries

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Information about “Family Planning” to Ansari beneficiaries

Date: 24, November, 2018

Time: 10:30 – 11:30

Place: Ansari Vocational Training Center

Organizer: MARIE STOPES International Organization/MSI  

On Wednesda, Ms. Sharmila and Mah Jabin Achekzai from MARIE STOPES International/MSI Organization, visited Ansari vocational training center of Help INGO to deliver information about “family planning” and inform women about children and mother clinical services in Herat (Fargha street, Bolandab, towards Rangina bridge- Khawaja kala towards Darba Iraq, Hazrat Bilal’s mosque road) which are some of the activities of this organization. The two ladies talked on informative issues regarding family planning and number of children in the family. Participants of this awareness program were: beneficiaries of advance tailoring class, carpet weaving, food and diary process class and the trainers of mentioned classes, whose number reached to 75 individuals.  The main purpose of this program was increasing the level of knowledge of families to manage the number of family members in order to have a better life.

Besides gaining information about family planning, beneficiaries of this program could also get enough information about how MSI was established and its health services. They also shared their health problems with presenters and gained health consultations. 

Result: women should care more about their family planning and get familiar with the centers where they can be assisted with their health problems.

Source: Help Media and Culture Department.

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