“Graduation Ceremony of Beneficiaries of Mobile Vocational Training Center in Guzara District”

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“Graduation Ceremony of Beneficiaries of Mobile Vocational Training Center in Guzara District”

Date: 27, November, 2018

Venue: Khalchan village’s Community Center of Guzara district

Number of beneficiaries of this round: 73 beneficiaries (45 females- 28 males)

Guzara district is located 16 km east of Herat city which is bordered with Enjil, Adraskan, Pashtun Zarghun and Zanda Jan districts. Guzara district has 370 villages with an approximate population of 500,000.

Given the high rate of need and interest of capable people and their support for I/NGOs and development programs, especially vocational trainings, and the result of the survey and research of Help INGO, Help decided to conduct Mobile VTC (Vocational Training Centre) in Guzara district. 

In the first round of Mobile Vocational Training in Qalbe Nazer village courses were conducted from July 2017 to November 2017. 75 males and females were professionally trained and graduated from food process and motorbike repair classes. Totally, 13 villages got benefited from the first round. 

In the second round of Mobile Vocational Training, 73 males and females were trained professionally and graduated from food process class and motorbike repair after a six-month (April 2018 to September 2018) training course. In the second round, more than 12 villages benefited from this program.

In graduation ceremony of beneficiaries of this round, Mr. Azizullah Taraf, executive manager of Guzara district, Mr. Abdul Hadi Hanifi, secretary of district development council, Head of Roza Bagh zone and manager of Haj and Trust unit , Mr. Nasir Ahmad Rahmani, executive manager of youth social council of Guzara district, Mr. Aziz Ahmad Popal, manager of Vocational Skills Development Unit of Herat DoLSA, Mr Haji Shir Gol, director of development council, Mr. Mohammad Asif, Guvahe shan village elder, Mr. Naser Ahmad, village elder of shakur khani village, Mr. Haji Mohammad, village elder of Khalchan village, Faiz Ahmad, village elder of Urdu Bagh village, Mr. Nasar Ahmad, director of development council of Sabzwari area, Mr. Mohammad Karim, director of development council of Muhajerabad, Mr. Zabiullah Monib, Country Director of Help INGO and their colleagues participated. 

Speakers of this ceremony talked on importance of vocational training courses and betterment of the life of village people and job for youths and stated that these classes could pave the path to create job opportunities for the youth and increase the income of village people. They added, most of the graduated beneficiaries are working and earning a decent money to support their lives and families.

Representative of development council, executive director of the district, village elders and the directors of council of participant villages in this ceremony, thanked Help INGO for Mobile VTC courses and their support and wished the continuation of these classes in needy villages of this district.

One of the successful graduates spoke on behalf of his team. He said; “I faced lots of problems during my joblessness and had to leave the country towards Iran. With migration, my problems did not get reduced and I was living with belittlement problems in Iran. After returning to Afghanistan and attending to the Mobile Vocational Training courses of Help INGO, I learned motorbike repair and opened a shop. I could learn a skill and have a better life with my family.” At the end, he thanked Help INGO for providing this opportunity for him.

At the end of the ceremony, the tool-kits which were prepared for the graduates of this vocational training round were distributed by elders of the district and the ceremony was ended with prayers.

Source: Help Media and Culture Department.

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