Eighth TVET and Employment Round-Table in Herat

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Eighth TVET and Employment Round-Table in Herat

Wednesday, Nov.14, 2018

The eighth TVET and Employment round table titled “Annual Report of Employment Services Centers” by OSAA in cooperation with Help INGO and in coordination with Department of Labor and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled of Herat province was held in Women Services and Economic Cooperative conference hall.

Mr. Abdul Sattar Zarifi, Head of labor unit of DoLSA, representatives of Herat chamber of industries and mines, Council of Experts, Craftsmen union, manager of Women Economic and Services Cooperative and representatives of some I/NGOs and CSOs participated in this round table.

At the beginning, Mr. Mohammad Ali Soroosh, program manager of Help INGO- welcomed the participants and briefly reviewed topics of the previous seven round tables. He said that the purpose of the eighth TVET and Employment round table was to give a clear picture of activities of employment services centers, available job facilities in Bazar and the number of job seekers in Herat province. He mentioned that the subject of the round table was selected based on the recommendation of DoLSA.

He added: Following the fourth TVET and Employment round table on introduction of Employment Services Centers in Herat province, three ESCs held regular coordination meetings led by directorate of labor unit of Herat DoLSA and today they are here to present the achievements they had in previous months in details.

Then, Mr. Said Abdul Tawab Hussaini, OSAA ESC manager talked about activities of this center. He said that OSAA ESC activities include organizing five TVET and Employment round tables, conducting tax training workshop for fair employers, tour guide technics and skills workshop, reintegration and job facilitation of 1,200 graduates of vocational training centers of Help and OSAA organizations, conducting tracer-studies of TVET graduates in two rounds, research on Marketable Vocations in Herat. 



In addition, he introduced advanced online database of this center that is designed for effective delivery of services to job seekers and employers. He added that information of more than 1,000 individuals is entered in this database. He, on registered job seekers during the year, said: 430 jobseekers got registered in this center in the current year and out of this number 320 of them were introduced to companies and organizations for employment. Finally 135 of them were employed.


Then Mr. Zobair Raouf, DoLSA Human Resources Manager, mentioning that DoLSA and Human resources unit will support every step towards job placement, described job facilitation services of this unit in last year. He added: distribution of more than 3,000 employment forms, distribution of 4,003 job license for Afghan citizens, monitoring the projects of organizations active in the field of employment and entrepreneurship, and monitoring the business companies included main activities of this unit. He added: out of 3,000 jobseekers 80% are women, 181 of them are employed that include 130 women and 51 men. These positions were found out during monitoring the companies and after that the jobseekers were introduced to those positions.

After that, Mr Hemayatullah Afzali, MoLSA NSDP ESC officer talked on activities of this center. Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects of the Natija program (grants), registering job seekers, survey on Bazar and monitoring the projects of CSFO, FSDCO, DADAO organizations included activities of this center in last year. He added, so far survey is done on 87 companies and registered in database of this center.





At the end, Mr. Abdul Sattar Zarifi, labor director of DoLSA, wrapped up the meeting. He said: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will focus more on Employment Services after separation of General Directorate of Martyrs and Disabled from this Ministry which forms 30 to 40% of workload of this ministry. Appreciating the activities of all ESCs especially OSAA’s ESC, he added that the current market research of OSAA ESC will help organizations conducting vocational training projects. At the end of the round table, Mr. Zarifi appreciated the achievements of round table in coordination among organizations in the field of vocational training and employment services and also private sector and stated his happiness. The ceremony was ended with prayer.



Source: Help Media And Culture Department

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