The 4th Marathon Afghanistan – 2018

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The 4th Marathon Afghanistan – 2018

The 4th Afghanistan Marathon occurred in Bamyan (Band-e-Amir National Park) on Friday Oct. 12, 2018. Totally 500 runners participated from all over the world, especially Afghanistan, USA, Singapore, Sweden, France, Spain, Austria, Norway, Italy, Argentine, England and China.

Mr. James the race organizer, planned this year race in two phases. In the first phase 10km which 350 competitors participated mostly girls, Maryam from Afghanistan, Ola from Argentine, and Nazira from Afghanistan became the three toppers respectively. Also between boys, Tahir, Murtaza and Sayed Raof could receive the toppers gifts.


In Marathon is 42km and 150 runners participated including 22 foreigners. The Marathon was around the lake of Band-e-Amir. Mohammad Karim Yaqot from Afghanistan and Sam from USA could be the two toppers and Hossain and Shokrolla together became the third among males’ runners. Among female runners, Ms. Mia and Ms. Ayeta from Italy became the two toppers and Ms. Begum became the third one. The runners received their prizes by governor of Bamyan.



Help INGO in Bamyan also, based on a yearly discussion with Marathon team who came from England, supported this event by facilitating the Check Points.

Help partners in Bamyan like OBTA, Art house and women café had their own responsibilities respectively in check points, clicking photos / Sound system, preparing refreshment and cakes.



Source: Help Media and Culture Department.

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