Celebrating Teacher’s Day in JICA Vocational Training Center (Bamyan)

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Celebrating Teacher’s Day in JICA Vocational Training Center (Bamyan)

On Saturday, October 6, 2018 trainees of Help INGO Vocational Training Center celebrated International Teacher’s Day in Bamyan.

In this ceremony, Mr. Mohammad Edris Sharifi, Provincial Manager of Help in Bamyan, Mr. Ali Mohammad Saghani, Head of DoLSA in Bamyan, Ahmad Zia Ahmadi, Help vocational training Coordinator in Bamyan, trainers and trainees of VTC had participated.

The ceremony begun with recitation of some verses of Holy Quran followed by national anthem. Then, Mohammad Edris Sharifi on behalf of Help INGO congratulated Teacher’s Day to all teachers especially to vocational training trainers. He attributed the teacher’s position to the holy position of the prophets and valued the efforts that teachers put in order to improve the youth talents and thanked trainees for organizing this ceremony. He called teacher’s day a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and congratulated it to all teachers and trainers.  Trainees of VTC including boys and girls then read their articles and sang some songs.

At the end of the ceremony, Head of DoLSA in Bamaym province, Mr Saighani besides congratulating the day to trainers of VTC, advised trainees of vocational training for the right use of tools and their teachers’ time. He added; after graduation you can work in Bazar as someone who is skilled and this is the best opportunity for all of you. At the end, he thanked Help INGO contribution in promotion of vocational training in Bamayn province.




Source: Help Media and Culture Department.

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