“Water Protection” Seminar organizes in Herat

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“Water Protection” Seminar organizes in Herat

Wednesday, 18 November, 2015

The Ecology and Environment Study Center of Help Organization organized a seminar titled “Water Protection” on Sunday 08 November, 2015 in cooperation with Herat Governor’s Ecology Consultant aiming the collaboration of the government and civil societies intending the protection and use of Herat province water.

Herat Governor, representatives of departments of Environmental Protection, Harirud-Murqab River Basin, Water Supply, Herat Municipality, Hajj and Religious Affairs, BORDA Organization, Faculty of Agriculture of Herat University and other relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations attended the seminar.

In this seminar, relevant departments presented their findings based on the figures and evidences regarding the current status of water in Herat, the rate of water pollution, importance and protection, the severe consequences of its pollution, regular decrease in its amount and the possibility of causing war in consequence of water shortage.

Herat Governor considered the seminar valuable, efficient and presented his point of view regarding the exact strategy plan in this regard and hoped that the seminar would be a start point for the long-term and durable follow up for this important and vital issue.

Mr. Omid, a professor of Agriculture faculty of Herat University taking into account the information and researches presented in the seminar, considered it positive and effective. He added that joint cooperation, research and looking for appropriate solutions in this regard is appreciable and needs special attention.

The seminar had a great reflex on local and national media.

Source: Help Media and Culture Unit

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