The Big Bicycling Program in Herat

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The Big Bicycling Program in Herat

Monday, 25 May 2015

The big bicycling program was organized with the participation of governmental departments, officials and the public in Herat today.

This program was initiated and organized by Department of Environmental Protection, Municipality, and Herat Bicycle Riders Federation in cooperation with Help Ecology unit.

This program was planned to institutionalize the culture of bicycle riding, as well as promoting public health and the environmental protection in Herat.

100 people including Herat mayor, Head of Dept. of Environmental Protection, Head of Traffic Dept., Director of Bicycle Riders Federation and Herat provincial Shura representative, Mr. Sayed Azim Kabarzany attended this program. The bicycle riders pedaled from Takhta Safar to Mirwais Sadiq gymnasium located around the Taraqi Park.

This program was warmly welcomed by Herat residents and 3 bicycles were awarded to participants by the program’s sponsors through a lottery process in the end.

Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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