Climate Change Solution for Farmers

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Climate Change Solution for Farmers

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The recent studies on small irrigation systems conducted by international water management institute have been awarded Stockholm Water Prize. Small irrigation system saves millions of farmers from horrible climate change and makes food immunity possible.

Swedish Water Management Institute says that food price is increasing worldwide; this has been resulted from lack of monsoon rainfall and a durable drought in the United States.

Timuti William, African Section Manager of International Water Management Institute says that food prices were very stable and low before 2008, so it caused decrease of agricultural investment and reduction of foodstuff storage in the World Stocks.

Drought in major cereal producing countries worsened the situation, giving the chance to speculators to take the advantage of the situation. This was the beginning of the food crises which lasted until 2009 and since then the high prices became a norm.

“Predictions show that we will no longer be able to have access to cheap food prices anymore, but we will wetness higher food prices in the coming years. Food crises endanger world’s citizens’ life especially developing countries’ citizens who allocate most of their income to food. “William adds.

It has been mentioned in water report about wealth and food immunity that small irrigation system techniques can increase the crops to 300 %.

William says that the system uses motor pumps to have access to water, collecting rain water, constructing small dams which several farmers can use to irrigate the fields and cultivating low level lands where moisture accumulates and the whole year it is ready to cultivate.

These techniques are cheaper than the ones used in 60s.

William says that women can also benefit from small irrigation systems since in developing countries they contribute a great deal in food production.

Although, to improve a small irrigation system only a few amount of money is needed, but still farmer women find it difficult to afford this amount, William says. Therefore, he wants equal facilities to be provided to everyone.


Source: VOA


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