Biogas Training Workshop

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Biogas Training Workshop

Date: 18 April 2016 to 01 May 2016

Location: Faculty of Agriculture, Herat University

Organizer: Help INGO

Presenters: Gulab Shah Roshanyar

Time: 6 sessions of 3 hours each

For the first time, Biogas training workshop consisting theory and practical parts was organized in the Faculty of Agriculture, Herat University, with Help’s financial and technical support.



The goal for organizing the training workshop was to introduce and develop biogas technology and train all stages of construction and setting up a biogas system. Along with the biogas training workshop, Help started the construction of a biogas system of 20 cubic meters in the Research Farm of Faculty of Agriculture. Participants have learned all stages of building a biogas system including the primary survey, feasibility study, designing, estimation, implementation and setting up the system.

In total, 25 participants from govt. sectorial departments and Agriculture Faculty students attended the workshop. Participant departments were:

  1. Herat Department of Environmental Protection;
  2. Herat Department of Harirud Morqab River Basin;
  3. Herat Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock;
  4. Students of Livestock, Gardening and Jungles and Natural Recourses Departments of Faculty of Agriculture, Herat University.

Overall results:

All construction and setting up stages of a biogas system were presented theoretically and practically for participants of the Biogas Training Workshop. Information regarding the function and benefits of the biogas system, facilities, resources, and opportunities in Afghanistan to activate and develop the system were also presented for the participants. Participants discussed on how to design and run a biogas system in working groups during the training.

Participants, while expressing their happiness and satisfaction of organizing such workshop, considered the subjects very useful and efficient.

Resource: Help Media and Culture Unit

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