Afghan Jet Airline Started Its Flights to Bamyan

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Afghan Jet Airline Started Its Flights to Bamyan

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Afghan Jet Airline is the second private airline in the country which started its flights to Bamyan today.

So far, the only airline that established flights from Kabul to Bamyan has been East Horizon Airline.

Afghan Jet officials state the airline will establish 2 flights from Kabul to Bamyan and return per week.

Executive Head of Afghan Jet airline, Moeen Khan Vardak says the ticket price will be determined based on the economic situation of Bamyan residents.

He adds: “Today, we started our first flights to Bamyan with CRJ planes. These aircrafts built in Canada are brand new with the capacity for 50 passengers. Afghans’ poor economic situation is clear to everyone, so this circumstance will be considered in the price of our flights to Bamyan.”

Moreover, Abdulrahman Ahmadi, Bamyan Governor Spokesman says as the province hosts many tourists, one airline providing flights was not able to respond to the need of Bamyan passengers.

He also says that increasing the number of flights and activities of airlines will have positive impacts on the province’s economic situation.

He adds: “The needed facilities should be developed for Kabul-Bamyan passengers to meet their convenience and also promote tourism industry in Bamyan. Establishing flights to Bamyan by Afghan Jet will be efficient and influential for a healthy competition among local airlines.”

However, a number of Bamyan residents, while expressing their happiness about the activities of a second private airline in their province, ask for a withdrawal of the ticket price based on their economic situation.

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