Professional and Pre-Employability Trainings

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Professional and Pre-Employability Trainings

Professional and Pre-Employability Training

(01st Nov- 25th Dec. 2015)

Training date: 01st Nov. – 25th Dec. 2015

Organizer: Help INGO – Employment Service Center (ESC) & Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan (OSAA)

No. of trainees: 160 females and males

Training Subjects: 1. Office Management 2. Financial Management 3.Project Management


ESC – Help Employment Services Center has been mandated to facilitate employment for job seekers in Herat. Based on our findings from the previous Job Fair and trainings held on 08th August, 2015, most of fresh university graduates keen to work in Herat local market lack the basic skills of working, e.g. working with financial systems, office skills and project life cycles.

Objective of the training:

The training aimed to provide up-to-date training on office management, project management, financial management and professional CV writing, interview skills and confidence building to 160 job seekers and fresh university graduates. It also aimed to facilitate the employment of these trainees in potential companies and organizations.

The Office Management training consisted a 14-day training for each participating group in two shifts. The trainer presented following topics in an interactive manner: Meetings skills, Invitation Skills and Event Management, Letter writing skills, Clients Management and problem solving, SWOT Analysis Skills, Office Team Building Skills, Interpersonal and presentation skills, Office Management required templates, Hard and Soft Filing System, Professional CV writing and job searching skills, Cover letter writing and interview skills.

The training focused on office works and writing professional CV and interviews simulation.

By the end of the training, all participants had their CV’s prepared and updated. All were enthusiastic to be introduced to companies.

The Financial Management training: The economics senior students and fresh graduates participated in this 14-day training. The 3-hour/day professional trainings aimed to enhance the accounting and financial management skills to male and female participants.

The trainer presented the basics of accounting and a short-term training on how to: Make a General Journal, Ledger and trial Balance, Cash Book, Financial Statement, Accounting and Book keeping, Accounting Terminology, Branch of Accounting, Comprehensive problem, Business Organizations, Financial accounting process, Accounting Equation, Rules of debit and credit, Adjusting Entries, Depreciation, Inventory, Taxation, Bank reconciliation, CV Writing and Job Searching Skills, Interview Skills.

The Project Management Trainings: Participating Job Seekers learned how to manage a Project, and got familiar with: Introduction to project, Projects Goals and objectives, Project’s Structures, Project Scheduling, Analyzing Skills and Project Plan, Design of monitoring Templates, Project Evaluation Templates, Project Cost Estimation, Project Budgeting, Project Scope of Work, Rules and Regulations, Change management and Filing System, Administration Forms, CV Writing and Job Searching Skills and Interview Skills.


–       78% of the job seekers have been through an environment of real job interviews and got familiar with common needs and requirements of companies.

–       75% of the Job seekers were exposed to a practical understanding of the job market in Herat,

–       87 job seekers; 55 females and 32 males successfully attended 3 courses of 14-day office management trainings.

–       49 job seekers; 41 males and 8 females successfully attended 3 courses of 14-day financial management trainings.

–       24 job seekers; 22 males and 2 females successfully attended a 14-day project management training.

Employment Services Center’s contacts:

Phone number: +93 729 19 43 48

Address: Sarak Cemetra (Nawaii Street), Next to Kodakistan Bibi Somaya (Somaya Kindergarten), Herat, Afghanistan


Source: Media and Culture Department


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