ESC Action Week

(Pre-Employability Training and Job Fair)

(08th– 16th Aug. 2015)Event date: 08th – 16th Aug 2015

Organizer: Help INGO – Employment Service Center (ESC)

Number of Trainees participating the event: 137

Trainers: 4

Volunteer Guest Speakers: 15

Introduction: ESC – Help Employment Services Center has been mandated to facilitate employment for job seekers in Herat. Job seekers referring to this center include mostly young male and female university fresh graduates who usually lack proper skills for writing professional CV, interview tips, confidence and also lack knowledge of potential companies / organizations providing employment.

To help some of these job seekers build their relevant skills and introduce them to potential companies, ESC decided to organize An Action Week for 150 female job seekers in WTC Conference Room.

These 150 female job seekers were divided into 5 groups of 30 each. Each group was scheduled to receive a full day training.

Objective of the Event: To provide up-to-date training on professional CV writing, interview skills and confidence building to 150 female job seeking interns and fresh university graduates and to facilitate their employment in potential companies and organizations.

Components of the Action Week:

1- Pre-Employability Trainings for job seekers;

2- Professional Trainings for participating companies and employers;

3- Job Fair with participation of job seekers and companies.

1- The Pre-employability training consisted of a one-day workshop for each group. The trainer presented following topics in an interactive manner:

Positive thinking; How to access companies / employers; Professional CV writing; Cover letter writing; How to build a carrier; Meet successful ex-interns; Meet successful professionals to share ideas and experiences. The training focused on writing professional CV and interviews simulation. By the end of the training week all our students in all groups had their CV’s ready and were enthusiastic to be interviewed.

2- The Professional training workshops provided participating companies with Software Accounting and Financial Management.

The 3-hour professional workshop aimed to enhance the accounting and financial management skills to professionals of partner companies. The training course was offered by a qualified team of experts in the field.

The trainer presented the basics of accounting and a short-term training on how to use the QBM “A developed database for accounting.”

The trainer also had a session of Advance accounting and Introduced (ACCA / FIA) programs for accounting.

3- Job Fair: participating companies and female participants attended / met in a 2-day Job Fair organized at the end of Action Week. This Fair provided the interns and companies an atmosphere where they could interview for potential jobs and also to create a network.

At the end of this Action Week we could:

1- Create a direct contact between participating trainees and employers;

2- Strengthened the network between ESC and other departments and sectors in Herat market;

3- Trained and enhanced the skills of admin. and financial officers of some companies;

4- Helped some of female job seekers get employed.


–  Most of Help’s ex-interns and fresh graduates have been through an environment of real job interviews and got familiar with companies’ needs and requirements.

–  10% of our interns have been called for second interview by the end of the event day.

–  A direct connection has been built between jobseekers and the job market in Herat.

–  We found strong helpful new partners such as Al-Falah Bank, PDI, Azma Institute, Sana Consultancy Company, ILD and Atefi Association.

–  Governor spokesman promised to facilitate – and help as much as he could – participants’ recruitment to Govt. departments.

–  The provincial council was involved in the Action Week and promised to support the jobseekers.

Recommendations: ESC team recommends the following:

– Given the positive results of the Action Week, at least two such events must be organized in a year;

– ESC team will carry out a research about the basic administration skills required for jobs like secretary, administrative staff receptionist, and office assistants in order to organize short-term and medium-term workshops for potential jobseekers to enhance their admin skills which will definitely lead to increased employment in Herat.

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Address: Sarak Cemetra (30 meter street) – Next to kodakistan Bibi Sumayya (Sumayya Kindergarten), Herat, Afghanistan – (Employment Service Center).


Source: Help Media and Culture Department


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