Reintegration of 9 Afghan Returnee Families during Last Week

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Reintegration of 9 Afghan Returnee Families during Last Week

Herat / Sunday, 06 September 2014

9 Afghan returnee families after finishing vocational educational training courses of Help INGO were decently reintegrated in the society during last week.

10 individuals out of the total of 15 members of the above-mentioned families have received toolkits (each worth of 60 EURO), started their activities in the vocation they learned in Help. A certificate co-signed by Help and Department of Labor and Social Affairs was presented to these beneficiaries upon successful completion of their training.

The said toolkits are handed out to anyone who finished the 6 to 8 month training cycle successfully. Content of the toolkit corresponds with the vocation each beneficiary has learned.

Vocations such as basic/advanced agricultural training, curtains sewing, embroidery, fur making, silk weaving, food processing, tailoring, drawing, cooking, plumbing, wiring, mechanic, carpentering, hairdressing/styling/make-up, English, and computer are being offered to the returnees in Help’s TVET centers.

After reintegration, each family receives food ration for two months and successful families are given additional toolkit to help them boost their trade after the follow up visit paid by Reintegration team to them.

Reintegration Project of Help was launched on January 2008 and so far more than two thousand families have been reintegrated most of whom have started their activities in their vocational fields.

The majority of reintegrated families are satisfied with their new lives; they are also happy about being in their home country, taking part in its reconstruction.


Source: Help Media & Culture Department


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